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Pontoon Pro High Limit

The Pontoon Pro High Limit Advantages

In terms of basic description, pontoon is the British version of blackjack. With the popularity of the American blackjack game, pontoon is regularly overlooked, or just considered just another name for the blackjack. There are, however, some not inconsiderable differences between blackjack and pontoon.

With the growth of NetEnt’s Pontoon Pro Series, it is time to know the differences. This quality Pontoon Pro Series gaming is certainly worth knowing about, particularly should one be aiming at the upper reaches of the game, which is the Pontoon Pro High Limit version.

The Pontoon Pro High Limit differs from the other Pro Series pontoon games in that this game is specifically for high rollers and experts who wish to play with large sums of money, as there are minimum betting limits to adhere to when playing this game. Pontoon Pro High Limit is offered at a number of casinos, and players should confirm all the individual casino limits and expectations before playing.

Pontoon and Blackjack

The differences between pontoon and blackjack, which obviously applies to the Pontoon Pro Series game too, are that both the dealers’ cards are dealt face down. In blackjack, only one is face down. This makes pontoon somewhat broader in terms of decision-making since the player has no inclination of the strength of the dealers’ hand. Another rule variance that is important to be aware of is that the dealer in pontoon wins all ties, whereas in blackjack the player wins a tie.

Game Odds Changes

Although dealer regulations and changes may seem initially to be against the player, Pontoon Pro High Limit casino game by NetEnt contains the advantages of pontoon too. Getting dealt blackjack, a hand with an Ace and a ten or picture card, pays 3:2. Being dealt a pontoon, on the other hand, pays 2:1, which is much better odds.

In blackjack using 5 cards to score 21 or less is merely a 5 card hand, but in pontoon this is a veritable target, and scoring a 5-card trick, or 5-card Charlie as it is called in Pontoon Pro High Limit Series. It is the second highest possible hand, and can only be beaten by a hand of pontoon. The payout on a 5-card trick is also 2:1. There are also some minor rules variations concerning doubling down your hand, and some basic terminological differences to be aware of when playing NetEnt’s Pontoon Pro Series.

The Pontoon Pro High Limit Game

Online casino game play is a particularly high growth zone. New players are heading to online and mobile casino sites daily. Net Entertainment have created the Pontoon Pro Series for them, and the more advanced Pontoon Pro High Limit for the best of them. The popularity is largely due to the fact that Pontoon Pro High Limit provides players with some of the best odds available in the house.

Fortunately, Pontoon Pro High Limit provides basic strategy charts to help players understand pontoon’s basic strategy. Similar to the blackjack basic strategy, the differences and greater variations due to the dealer’s cards being face down elevates pontoon to rather interesting levels.

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